Accelerated PLR Profits Review – Part 3

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Today I’m continuing my look at Calvin Woon’s Accelerated PLR Profits course. The previous installments of this review are here:

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So lets keep digging into Module 1.

Video 4 – 21 Ways to Profit from PLR Products

Run Time = 30:55

As the title says, in this video Calvin Woon takes through 21 ways to profit from private label rights products.

You’ll find the usual items, the one’s you first thought of when you bought that PLR product in the first place. Ideas like using your PLR for blog posts. That’s the first thing I ever bought private label rights stuff for.

But we all have to start at the basics. Calvin also goes into much more than the basic ideas.

He doesn’t go into real detail on the how-to of the ideas. He does give a few links to resources to use for some of the ideas. But don’t expect real detailed info.

For example he suggests using PLR to create websites that you flip for a profit. It’s a good idea, but he could make a video, or even a whole video series on just this topic.

But you can’t expect that kind of detail on such a low cost product.

Video 5 – 17 Ways You Can Profit From PLR Articles

Run Time = 14:38

More ideas for using private label rights articles for profits. Yes, there are many overlaps with Video 4 on this video.

There are some unique ideas here that weren’t presented on the previous lesson.

Video 4 covered ideas about the entire spectrum of PLR products from articles to software. This lesson is just about using articles.

These two video lessons should get the juices flowing for you. They cover a lot of places you can use private label material and products you can create with them.

Accelerated PLR Profits

This is a big course, so there will be many more review posts to come. Come back for more.