Accelerated PLR Profits Review – Part 2

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Here is Part 2 of my review of Accelerated PLR Profits.

Module 1 Training Videos 1-3

This is the second installment of my review of Calvin Woon’s Accelerated PLR Profits course. As a reminder, I bought this course with my own money, and I’ll be going through it for you here. You can read Part 1 here if you missed it.

In this post I’m going to go through the first three training videos in Module 1. Module 1 deals with using PLR. The first three videos make up a detailed introduction to the world of PLR.

What’s In Each Video Folder?

The download for this program has a zip file for each module. After unzipping the download files you’ll have a folder for each video.

Each of the videos is provided in swf format for viewing in a web browser. Just click the html page link and the video loads up in the browser with all the video controls.

If you’d rather watch in a movie viewer there is an mp4 version as well.

There is also a pdf of all the powerpoint slides used in the video.

Mr. Woon is from Singapore. His english is flawless, but he has an accent. It’s not a problem, but I thought I’d just mention it up front.

Video 1 – Intro to PLR

Run time = 19:27

The course begins with a detailed look at rights. This is often a confusing subject. He covers them all in depth, including the various resell rights as well as private label rights. Mr. Woon also gives some cautions about these rights.

He next does a complete walk through of all the various do’s and don’t, the can’s and can’t found on the typical PLR license file.

A long list of the products you can buy with PLR is presented to finish the intro video. It’s a long list, from articles to full businesses. It’s a big PLR world out there.

Video 2 – PLR Evaluation Checklist

Run time = 15:40

In video 2 Woon takes you through what to look for before you spend your cash on PLR products. He covers 9 things to consider in the evaluation process. It’s good solid info.

Video 3 – Quality PLR Sources

Run time = 8:10

In this video you’ll learn how to go out and find private label rights products on your niche of choice, using Google of course.

Mr. Woon then covers several websites that he endorses where you can get PLR products.

Finally he gives a list of “Trusted Marketers.” I’ve used PLR from many of these people myself. The one’s on the list I’ve purchased from have indeed given me quality products that required only minor “uniquifying” to make them useful.

More To Come Soon

That’s it for the intro section of being a consumer of private label rights products. I’ll dig deeper into the module 1 training videos soon. Keep an eye out for it – maybe even subscribe to the RSS feed (hint,hint).

Get full details about Accelerated PLR Profits.

This is a big course, so there will be many more review posts to come. Come back for more.

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