Content Professor

Make Your Articles Unique

Before you use that great PLR content you should rewrite it. After all you weren’t the only person that bought the same PLR package. If you want the search engines to send visitors to your site, your content needs to be different than what everyone else has.

Content Professor

There is a debate about duplicate content. Some say the search engines will penalize you for it. Others say there is no penalty, but you won’t get any link juice unless you were the first to have the content indexed. The search engines will just ignore you.

You May Need Many Copies

Depending on what you plan for your PLR articles, you might need many unique copies.

You’ll want a great version to post on your blog.

If you do article marketing you’ll probably need several different versions to send to the various article directories.

All this rewriting would take a huge chunk of time to do manually.

You Need an Article Spinner

Thankfully there is help. Programs called article spinners can take your original PLR content and “spin it.” The software will take alternate words, phrases and even paragraphs that you provide, and mix and match to come up with unique versions.

The sophisticated programs available now can have several levels of nested alternates. They can produce hundreds of unique versions from your seed content.

Content Professor

Content Professor is an online article spinner. This lets you spin articles anywhere you can get the Internet. You can work with any computer that has a web browser – Mac, Windows even Linux. You’re not limited to the one computer that has the program installed – there’s nothing to install.

The downloadable types are often only PC compatible and cost quite a bit.

Use It Free

Content Professor offers a free version.

Like most of these offers, the free version is limited. To get access to all the features you will need to upgrade to the Pro version.

Here are some features:

Works online with ANY computer and ANY browser. So there are NO installation or compatibility problems.

The Standard version is FREE for all users. Upgrade only if and when you choose to.

Features an interactive user interface that’s extremely easy to use.

Uses the latest technology in web development.

Comes with a HUGE PLR content library.

Receives frequent updates with continuing development and enhancements. Exciting NEW features are coming soon!

Uses a unique algorithm that continually refines the synonym database.

Content Professor is also FAST. It can create a virtual flood of unique, spun articles — in mere seconds!

Get Your Free Account

It’s certainly worth trying for free.

After you get signed up for your account you’ll be shown a special one time offer. You’ll get to upgrade for a reduced price.

I would prefer to use the system for awhile before I decide, so I don’t care much for these type offers. They seem to be the standard these days though.

So you’ll have to think about it. If you’re sure you’ll need to spin articles on a regular basis, it’s probably a good idea to take the offer and save some money.

There’s a full guarantee, so you can try the Pro version for 60 days. If it’s not for you they’ll give you a refund.

Get the full details and your free access.