Do You Make These PLR Screw Ups?

Over at his blog, John Rhodes just posted about 3 PLR Screw Ups. I’d like to expand on a couple of them.

Have a Purpose

John says to never buy PLR without a purpose. Do you have a plan for that PLR package before you buy it? How will you use it and where?

I know I always know where I plan to use the private label rights products I buy. I have several blogs I buy PLR for. And I sometimes buy packages just to review them here.

Plans are great, action is what makes you money.

Take PLR Action

This is my biggest down fall. I have a lot of great ideas. Not so much action.

That’s a bad thing.

You need to start breaking down your PLR packs and putting them to use, as soon as you get them.

Make a checklist of action steps. Then do the action steps.

As Seth Godin says in his newest book, Poke The Box.

Rework That PLR

John also pointed out the importance of tweaking your PLR material before you use it.

You know this right?

It’s a lot more work for sure. It seems sort of dumb to pay money for content and then have to turn around and rewrite it before you can use it, but that’s life in this Google world we live in.  Google demands unique content. Their latest algorithm change just makes this more clear.

Newspapers use the same syndicated content all the time and that’s perfectly OK. But newspapers don’t have to deal with Google… and they’re going out of business all over the place.

So we have to rewrite before posting content.

If you’re just going to use the article for an individual blog post, then just sit down and rewrite it. Using an article spinner would be a waste of time.

If you plan to use a full bore article marketing process with your private label content, good article spinning software can save you a great deal of time.