Don’t Join NicheFiles

I have a warning for you – don’t sign up for the NicheFiles membership site.

I joined it back in August of last year.

At first things seemed OK. The “professional web templates” they promised were pretty horrible, but the content was delivered.

The First Signs of Trouble

But after a couple of months new “NichePacks” stopped getting added to the members area. I let it go for another month. Then the items got added a month late – the Oct. packs were added in Nov.

And that was it. No more new packs.

No Response To Inquiries

I made several attempts to get this fixed. I tried the email address from my payment receipts. I tried the contact form on the membership site. I used the email address listed in my transaction details on Paypal.

Marc Quarles, the owner of the site never responded.

Not a word.

I understand that things don’t always go as planned. But I really expect some response and explanation when they don’t.

I next went through the formal process at Paypal to handle disputes.

Mr. Quarles didn’t respond to this either.

Paypal gave me back a month of membership fees. I lost the rest. Stupid tax.

I hope Marc Quarles is OK.

Almost two years ago our 22 year old son died. It took right at 3 months to get his death certificate.

Just before his death, he listed several of his text books on Amazon for sale.

We saw the deposits Amazon made to his bank account when they sold his books, because his bank statements came to our house.

But because we didn’t have his death certificate we couldn’t get access to his Amazon account. So we didn’t have any way to contact the people that bought his books and weren’t getting what they’d paid for. We did find the print out of shipping info for one of those books, he was getting it ready to ship when he died. We sent that one out.

The other two people were left to wonder. And if they sent emails about their purchase, they got no response. I’m sure they thought bad things about my kid.

So I understand that at times things get completely out of your control. I hope this isn’t the case for Marc Quarles.

But whatever the reason for this non-response, don’t join NicheFiles.