Gathering and Structuring Review Part 1

IM Writing Tips - Gathering and Structuring by Tiffany Dow

IM Writing Tips - Gathering and Structuring by Tiffany Dow.

Tiffany Dow is an expert at creating content for eBooks and reports as well as for email autoresponders and blogs. She spent years ghost writing for the “gurus” and she perfected her craft.

She now works for herself writing PLR content for sale and teaching others to do it.

Tiffany’s Newest Product

She has just released the first volume of her new series of Internet Marketing Writing Tips eBooks. This book deals with Gathering and Structuring.

I’ve always found her work to be very high quality. Unlike the gurus she used to work for, she seems to be a normal, real person intent on helping her customers.

Tiffany writes a lot. She posts several articles on her blog daily, many include videos. She has a lot of private label rights products for sale and a steady stream of info products. I don’t know how she gets all that done.

Products that show you how she gets so much writing done are worth a multi-part review.

So lets get started.

Some Basics

I’m on Tiffany’s list. I learned about her new Gathering and Structuring eBook from an email she sent.

I bought this eBook with my very own money. No freebies from the author in exchange for a good review here. And yes, those are affiliate links.

With that out of the way, lets dig in by looking at the sales page for Gathering and Structuring.

What’s Gathering and Structuring Anyway?

From the sales page Tiffany says:

Before you can even START to write, you have to know how to gather ideas and then structure them into an organized fashion.

It’s not easy to figure out what to write about. Writers block is real. I’ve tried staring at my computer screen, hoping ideas would jump out. That’s never worked for me, how about for you?

Well Tiffany Dow knows how to make that happen.

The Promise

Tiffany promises to teach you how to make ideas jump out of your computer. And how to take those ideas and shape them into an article with information that people will search for. And probably buy if you sell PLR to them.

She’s going to show you 4 different methods she uses for:

  • Gathering and structuring ideas for articles
  • Gathering and structuring ideas for eBooks and reports
  • Gathering and structuring ideas for blog posts
  • Gathering and structuring ideas for email autoresponders

What’s In The Course?

From her site:

  • In depth keyword tutoring on applying them to your content for IDEA gathering. This is different from someone teaching you where to use them or how to pick profitable ones. I’m specifically teaching you how they can help you gather ideas.
  • How to write different slants about the exact same topics.
  • Two ways I structure my articles once I have my ideas gathered.
  • Three methods I use to gather ideas for blog posts (and structure them) – whether or not you’re the premiere expert in a niche.
  • Gathering and structuring ideas for reports (and I cover opt in reports as well as reports for affiliate promotions in the digital and physical markets).
  • Gathering and structuring ideas for email autoresponders based on passion and real life experience compared to emailing using a profit pulling technique and structure.
  • PLUS…a ton of real examples so that you can see the method in action rather than just hear someone teach the technique.

There are also 13 bonus items. She took her methods to create 13 templates in both doc and txt formats. These templates can be used to fill in the blanks when you write, saving you more time.

The tools you need to use these methods are all free tools.

The Guarantee

There is no money back guarantee offer on the website. That’s a bit strange, because guarantees are a standard copywriting item. Nearly all info product authors provide a guarantee. This didn’t bother me, because I’ve bought Tiffany Dow’s products before and I know the quality of the work she does.

And… she’s selling this through the Clickbank Marketplace. I’m pretty sure Clickbank gives a guarantee on everything sold in their marketplace (60 days?).

So that’s probably not an issue here.

Stay Tuned For Part 2

In my next review post on this IM Writing Tips Course I’ll go over how Tiffany does Gathering and Structuring for keyword articles.