Gathering and Structuring Review Part 2

IM Writing Tips - Gathering and Structuring by Tiffany Dow

IM Writing Tips - Gathering and Structuring by Tiffany Dow.

Today I’m going to dig into Tiffany Dow’s first lesson in her new course, IM Writing Tips. This is the second part of my review. If you missed it, and want to start at the beginning, read Part 1.

Ideas For Articles

Today I’ll look at the first section of this lesson, Gathering and Structuring for Keyword Articles.

Tiffany starts off by explaining that all our articles are built on keyword usage. She then picks a topic (cruise tips) to use as an example and goes to work doing keyword research, while we watch over her shoulder. She uses only free tools. That’s good, because that’s one of the promises she made on the sales page.

She produces a list of 33 keywords. For this exercise she only needs 5 of them.

So, how does she pick which one’s to use?

How to Clean Up the Keyword List

This is a really good section and cleared up several things for me.

Have you ever bought one of those PLR packages that included a made-for-adsense website? You know, the kind that have articles already loaded in? Or a big bundle of niche PLR articles even. I have lot’s of times.

And with a lot of those products I’ll look at the titles of the articles and think, “What a bunch of crap!” It’s obvious they took a keyword list and just made a title from each of them, no matter what it said or if it made sense.

I don’t want to put junk like that on the Internet. What’s the value in that?

So what’s the right way?

The author explains how she filters out the junk keyword phrases – the one’s that just don’t sound right.

She also teaches how she combines two, and even three, keyword phrases to make one phrase that let’s her rank for each of the keywords individually and combined. That’s a really valuable tip!

More Keyword Magic

After she picked the 5 keywords she wants to use, she went back to her list to find clues for the “slant” she would use for each article. I’ve never seen anyone talk about how to “slant” my writing before. This is more great stuff. It makes a lot of sense, and she makes it look like something a normal person could do.

She covers what to do when you have two really similar keywords. When should you toss one, and when should you write an article for each? I won’t spill the beans here, but she covers the topic in some depth.

Building the Articles

After doing all the research and polishing, you should have several article ideas with titles.

Writing the articles is presented as a step-by-step process, from the basic outline on out. She shows how to write your articles in two different styles. The first is what I’ve always heard called the “5W’s and an H” method. Tiffany fleshes out an article for you using this method.

The other method involves some spying work. The author shows where she goes to do some quick research on her article topic.

She goes over her decision making process on how to arrange the points in her article to make it more of value to the reader. Tips on how to attract the reader and pull them in to reading your article.

She also explains how often, and where to include the keyword in your articles (hint, always in the title).

This section alone is worth the price of the book, and I’ve only covered 15 of the 45 pages so far.

Keep an eye out for the next part of this detailed review of IM Writing Tips – Gathering and Structuring