Gathering and Structuring Review Part 3

IM Writing Tips - Gathering and Structuring by Tiffany Dow

IM Writing Tips - Gathering and Structuring by Tiffany Dow.

In previous installments of Tiffany Dow’s IM Writing Tips – Gathering and Structuring I took a look at the sales letter and what this course is supposed to do. I then reviewed Tiffany’s guidelines for article writing.

Let’s dig into the next section of this course.

Idea for Writing Blog Posts

When writing blog posts Dow offers a different approach to doing keyword research than you usually hear.

She does things backwards.

Because she feels blog content should be more personal and offer some slant, she writes the post first, then finds keywords to match. She then goes back and works the keyword into the blog post where appropriate.


Ways to Gather Blog Ideas

In this section she gives some methods for gathering and structuring your blog posts. I don’t think I’m giving away too much of her info to just list these:

  • Blogging based on your life experience.
  • Blogging based on other people’s work.
  • Blogging based on current events.

She gives a detailed strategy for each, including tools to use and nice examples.

This is not rehashed stuff you find everywhere online.

Do you know how to handle negative information? You’ll learn the best way in this section of the course.

A Peek Inside

I don’t want to give you Tiffany’s material here but she’s mentioned this on her blog, so I think it’ll be all right.

There’s a sight called HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out. I’ve known about this site for several years, and I get the 3 times per day email updates.

This is a resource where reporters can post when they need an “expert” to interview for their articles.

I do some website work for local business people. I signed up for this because I thought I might be able to point some of these local folks to a reporter in need, and they could get some nice publicity for their business.

Tiffany Dow has a way to use this site for getting blog content.

I would never have thought of this use at all.

What’s Coming Up

That’s only about half of this course. Next up I’ll be going through Tiffany Dow’s tips for gathering and structuring ideas for ebooks and reports.

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