Get Free Report Help

Do you have a free report to help build your list? Do you have a list? No?

Help is here.

Over at the Zac Johnson blog, Ivin Viljoen has posted a guest post Why Don’t Bloggers Have Free Reports on Their Blogs. He outlines 5 reasons bloggers don’t have a free report.

Anyone that’s been involved in Internet marketing and trying to grow a blog knows the value of a free report to grow their email optin list. To have success making money with a blog an email list is probably the most important element. It’s the best way to get visitors to return to your blog and lets you sell stuff to them.

But people don’t like to give out their email address. You have to offer an “ethical bribe” – usually a free report.  Most of the time these are small ebooks.

And writing a book is scary for most of us.

A Chance For Free Help

Ivan is giving us all a chance to get help from him. He’s offering to:

  • Guide you with writing the best report you can possibly compile.
  • Have it professionally proofread and edited.
  • Assist in formatting the document.
  • Help with the cover design.
  • Optimize affiliate links within the report.
  • Teach you how to set up your autoresponder program.
  • Provide advice on what to write for your 3 month autoresponder cycle with articles and affiliate products that fit your niche.
  • Get your report in the most visible positions on your blog to harvest the most sign ups.

All you have to do is make a comment to the article telling about your blog and how a free report will help you.

There are some requirements you and your blog need to meet, so read the article to see if you qualify.

Read the article and enter the competition.