Google’s New “Block Sites From Search” Extension

Do you use Google’s Chrome browser? I do most of the time. Firefox seems to handle large downloads better than Chrome, so if I want to download a video I use Firefox. But my main browser is Chrome – it’s fast and clean.

Google just released a new extension that will let Chrome users block sites from their search results with 1-click ease. After the searcher clicks, results for that domain address will no longer show in the search result presented to that user.

But that’s not all. The extension will also send the information to the mother ship, Google. Google will collect this info and use it to fight content farm sites.

What’s a Content Farm?

Content farms are sites that have poor quality articles. They are usually produced to make money from Adsense ads. The posts are targeted at popular keywords.

They are often created with crap quality PLR material and scraped content from other sites.

The idea is to get keyword stuffed pages out there to draw the search engines.

Google doesn’t like them.

The big G wants to provide its search customers with good relavant information in their search results. These sites are  mostly trying to game Google. Google fights back. And they win in the end.

What’s This Mean For You?

This new feature means it’s more important than ever to provide your website visitors with good quality content.

Don’t use crap PLR.

When you use high quality PLR – rewrite it. Use your PLR as a starting point. Add value such as graphics and new insights to the material.

Don’t put out exactly the same stuff as everyone else who bought the same private label rights packages.

Quality counts more than ever.