Is Using PLR Cheating?

Pawel Reszka recently did a guest blog over at ProBlogger about using PLR for your blog. He pointed out the benefits of using private label rights content and some tips on blogging with PLR. It’s worth a read.

Many of the comments to the post provided a somewhat different opinion. Lot’s of people just hate the idea of using PLR.

Mary said:

To me PLR is cheating. It just doesn’t feel right.

Tim added:

PLR content seems like a deceptive shortcut. As a reader I would rather just get les quality content from the author, rather than lots if generic content.

And how about Steve?

Personally I wouldn’t touch PLR with a 10ft pole.

A lot of the comments had a nose in the air, snobbish sort of feel to them.

Is PLR Evil?

Is private label rights content a bad thing? Is it killing the web? Are you an evil bastard if you use it?

Well, that’s just plain silly.

Like all tools, there is a place for PLR, and there are places it’s not so good.

And like with any tool, you get what you pay for and buying the highest quality will save time and money in the long run. Private label rights material is something I like having in my tool belt.

The Right Places

If you have a “main”  blog, one that you use to establish your brand and identity, PLR may not fit your needs. You can still use it as the starting point for blog posts. Good PLR authors will do a lot of your research for you. You will certainly want to rewrite PLR in this case. Add “your personal voice” that everyone is always talking about. Even on your main blog, every post doesn’t have to be a homerun. Good PLR can fill the gaps on those days you can’t do original content.

Is that cheating?

I don’t think so. Newspapers do it all the time. Think about it. They print several original articles on local topics and fill the spaces with content they pull from the newswires. Nearly every paper in the country prints the same articles.

On the Internet we all have to bow down to the great and almighty Google. And we’re told Goog doesn’t like duplicate content.

Google can’t see everything.

Need a report to get readers for your email list? PLR is ideal. There are lot’s of really great private label info products that are ready to go, and work great for free reports. Make a few changes in the report to brand it as yours and you save a lot of time.

What about an e-course? PLR is really good here too. These are usually delivered by email, unique content is not required.

And speaking of email… Google doesn’t index your emails. You put anything you want in there, and search engines don’t know, or care. There are tons of PLR autoresponder packages out there.

PLR is a good base for creating your own info products. Once again you’ll be better served if you do some editing and rebranding, but there are plenty of PLR ebooks and multimedia products to get you started.

The Right Quality

There were several comments that stated using PLR was killing the Internet. Along the lines of, ” It’s all just low quality crap and if you’re going to use it you should just not do a blog in the first place.”

So is it?

Well, yeah, some of it is.

There’s no denying that some of the PLR out there is worthless crap. I admire anyone that can speak and write in more than one language, because I sure can’t do it. But PLR writing by non-native English speaking authors usually stands out like a sore thumb. It’s just bad.

And many of those really big packages are filled with articles that have the same sentence repeated 3 or 4 times in slightly different ways, just to fill out the word count. That stuff’s crap too.

One of the PLR sites I used to always see pitched by some of the big name internet marketers as being one of their “secret weapons” was PLRpro. I never had much luck find useful content there. I joined three different times just to give them another chance. I always found semi-English content that just talked in circles.

But there is PLR so good you don’t really need to touch it before you use it. Depending on where you use it, you should try to make it more unique, but the quality won’t be an issue.

That will take some experimenting on your part to find. Many of those sources of high quality content are featured on this website. I’m always looking for more, so check back here often.