Profit From PLR Course

Do You Make Money With PLR?

Does this describe you?

1. Most people who have bought PLR have done NOTHING with it to make money.

2. Some people have used part of the content to make a little money.

3. Very few people have generated significant cash from PLR content.

4. Almost no one has used all of their content to its maximum profit potential.

Announcing Jimmy D. Brown’s 5-Week E-Class

Jimmy D. Brown has been around internet marketing for a long time. He’s a great teacher.

Jimmy has made a great living writing reports and PLR.

He is starting a 5-week course to teach you how to use the PLR you have now to grow your business.

From his site here’s what you receive each week

  • Premium Training Curriculum in downloadable PDF format. Each week you will receive a “premium” training manual (specific details below) teaching you how to take PLR content and put it to work producing orders. When I say “premium” I mean this: thorough, meaty (no “fluff”), actionable content. Follow along at your own pace.
  • MP3 audio version of the curriculum. You will also receive a professionally recorded audio version of each week’s lesson in downloadable MP3 format. I know a lot of my students enjoy “listening” in addition to (or instead of) merely reading the content. You’ll have access to both.
  • Professionally Designed visual process maps. Rather than provide you with yet another “mindmap” (you know, those “spidery” designs usually created with cheap software), I’ve had a professional graphic designer create visual process maps for you. These are beautiful! Print them out for easy access to help you complete projects.
  • Accessory Checklists and Worksheets. Every week’s lesson also includes a custom-tailored accessory that was developed specifically for that week’s teaching. Sometimes it’s a checklist, other times a worksheet … and sometimes a combination of both. These aren’t just “thrown in” to add perceived value, but rather are included to add REAL value to you in terms of usefulness.
  • Extra Enhancement Supplemental Materials. In addition, each week you’ll receive a short supplement to aid you in completing that week’s action steps. Sometimes these are brainstorming sessions, other times how-to reports.
  • Personalized (One-On-One) Q&A Coaching Session With Me. You will have the opportunity to interact with me on a limited basis. You will be given instructions to access a special website to ask me ONE coaching question per week. I will *personally* (ME, not some staffer) answer your question each week. I normally charge $1,997 for 20 such sessions, so this has a real value to you of $499.25. (This isn’t “made up” — I actually charge this!)

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Profit From PLR 5-Week Course