Tiffany Dow 2 Day Everything $5 Sale

Tiffany Dow is having another of her famous “Everything is $5” sales at her PLR Mini Mart. This one lasts for just 2 days,  or “until I wake up on Wednesday” as she puts it.

There is private label rights content for just about any niche in her PLR Mini Mart. This is a great chance to save big money on some of the best PLR material you can buy.

I paid $17 for her Gathering and Structuring book, without PLR rights, and it was a bargain. She has that in her store with private label rights and you can get it for only $5. You’d be crazy to pass that one up, even if you don’t plan to ever use the content as PLR. I know I’m buying it again just to get the rights.

Honestly, if you don’t feel like a kid in a candy store when you shop her PLR Mini Mart for $5 a product, you don’t really need PLR for your projects.

Sale Instructions

You get to save huge money, but you’ll have to do a bit of work. Tiffany’s $5 sales are a little complicated. You can’t just buy directly from the store for $5 each. So here’s how it works directly from Tiffany:

This special is for ALL of my customers, but it’s just a way to welcome the newcomers to my list who haven’t been around for one of these yet. EVERYTHING at the PLR Mini Mart is going to sold for $5 each – EVEN the most expensive limited packs and Mega packs! And if you find some regularly $5 packs you want, then you can have THOSE for “two for $5.”

Here’s how it works – PLEASE follow directions carefully:

Step 1:

Go to and look through the categories (EXCEPT the specials category – we’re saving that for last). Write down on a piece of paper or on your computer, all of the EXACT names of the content that you want to buy. Write it like this:

Forex Mega Pack – $5 (some people put normally $57)

HCG Diet Mega Pack – $5 (normally $57)

Step 2:

Total up the amount you’re interested in buying. So for the above example, it would be $10. (Normally $114).

Step 3:

Go to SPECIALS category on and buy the appropriate voucher for your total. So for the above example, you would buy a $10 voucher. There are vouchers from $5 all the way up to $100 and YES, you can buy more than one (for instance if you wanted $115 worth of PLR, then you’d buy a $100 voucher and a $15 voucher).

NOTE: This category will be REMOVED when the special expires in 48 Hours, so don’t wait!

Step 4:

The system will let you download a file that tells you how to complete your order. All it says basically is where to email me your order with a transaction # or copy of your receipt and I’ll send you the PLR as an attachment!

So you have to buy a voucher in her store for the total amount, then email Tiffany and tell her which PLR products you want, with a transaction number for your voucher purchase to cover the cost.

Remember this is ONLY FOR 2 DAYS. Don’t set it aside for later, because it will be too late.