Today ONLY – Tiffany Dow $5 PLR Sale

Everything is $5  today.

Everything is just $5 today only. Fill your PLR shopping needs now.

Tiffany Dow ghost write for the gurus. Now she writes for you… if you buy PLR content from her.

She’s famous for her Everything for $5 sales. She’s having one right now, and it only lasts today, Thursday May 12. You can get anything on her sight for just $5 each. That even includes Mega packs, eBooks and reports – some normally priced 10 times higher.

Huge Selection

She has great Private Label Rights material. Just go to her PLR Minimart and look over the incredible selection of niches. Your niche is probably covered.

You can even use her sight to find niche ideas.

What the heck is Conveyancing? I have no idea, but Tiffany has a PLR pack about it.

How about chicken coops? Yep she has that covered too. I sort of wonder about those people in Texas. Tiffany has chicken coops listed under “Pets.” Do Texans really keep chickens for pets? Anyway, there are several high dollar chick coops for sale on Amazon that would give you a nice affiliate check. Here’s PLR to help you do it.

How the Sale Works

First go to Tiffany Dow’s sight. Click through the category links on the right and look through the huge selection. This might take you awhile, there’s a lot of great PLR here. Make note of the names of the products you want.

After you’ve picked out what you want to buy, go to the top navigation and click on “Special.”

The page you land on will let you buy vouchers in $5 increments to make your purchase. It might sound a bit complicated, but Dow gives you an example order on that page.

Just follow the instructions…. and save a ton on great PLR products.

Hurry it ends today!